This document describes coding standards and conventions used in the mangos-zero codebase to make it more consistent and predictable.

Method Names

We have not yet agreed on a convention for naming functions.


From time to time, some classes and/or methods are deprecated; that happens when a feature implementation cannot be changed because of backward compatibility issues, but we still want to propose a “better” alternative. In that case, the old implementation can simply be deprecated.

A feature is marked as deprecated by adding a @deprecated Doxygen comment to relevant classes, methods, properties, ...:

 * @deprecated Deprecated since version 1.X, to be removed in 2.Y. Use XXX instead.

The deprecation message should indicate the version when the class/method was deprecated, the version when it will be removed, and whenever possible, how the feature was replaced.

A deprecation error must also be triggered to help people with the migration starting one or two minor versions before the version where the feature will be removed (depending on the criticality of the removal):

DEBUG_LOG("XXX() is deprecated and will be removed in 2.Y. Use XXX instead.");