Coding Standards

When contributing code to mangos-zero, you must follow its coding standards.

mangos-zero follow a modified version of the ANSI coding standard.

Here is a short example containing most features described below:

#include <string>

// Database exceptions
class Exception
        Exception(const std::string& message): message(message)
        { }
        virtual ~Exception()
        { }
        const std::string& getMessage() {return message;}
        std::string message;


  • Add a single space after each comma delimiter;
  • Add a single space around operators (==, &&, ...);
  • Add a comma after each array item in a multi-line array, even after the last one;
  • Add a blank line before return statements, unless the return is alone inside a statement-group (like an if statement);
  • Use braces to indicate control structure body regardless of the number of statements it contains;
  • Define one class per file - this does not apply to private helper classes that are not intended to be instantiated from the outside;
  • Declare class properties before methods;
  • Declare public methods first, then protected ones and finally private ones;
  • Use parentheses when instantiating classes regardless of the number of arguments the constructor has;
  • Exception message strings should be concatenated using sprintf().

Naming Conventions

  • Use camelCase, not underscores, for variable, function and method names, arguments;
  • Use underscores for option names and parameter names;
  • Use namespaces for all classes;
  • Prefix abstract classes with Abstract.
  • Suffix interfaces with Interface;
  • Suffix exceptions with Exception;
  • Use alphanumeric characters and underscores for file names;
  • Don’t forget to look at the more verbose Conventions document for more subjective naming considerations.


  • Add Doxygen blocks for all classes, methods, and functions;
  • Omit the \return tag if the method does not return anything;


  • mangos-zero is released under the GNU GPL version 2 license, and the license block has to be present at the top of every file.