Content Updates

A content update is defined as a set of SQL queries which insert an atomic unit of game content which just works.


Any content update starts with a healthy dose of research. Once your research is complete, you should create a new issue on the issue tracker.

Documenting the update

For contributing to our project, it is considered mandatory to create a new issue for each update.

Currently we support five issue components:

  • Creatures
  • Games objects
  • Items
  • Quests
  • Events

Selecting the component and the release version for which the issue should be valid should be considered carefully. Here is a few examples:

  1. You want to add the quest Rite of Vision to the database, thus you would create an issue named “Quest: Rite of Vision” - the prefix should be identical to the component for easier sorting.
  2. Now you document the quest template, involved creatures, movements, scripts, etc. in your issue.
  3. Once you’re finished with documentation, add a comment to your issue, with a request for review. One or more developers will be reviewing your issue, and - if possible - add further documentation, or provide some hints for improvements or praise, well, the later one of course if you did an awesome job.
  4. Once your ticket has been reviewed and documentation is considered final by one or more developers, you should fork the database repository and submit a pull request.

When crafting your issue, feel free to attach images, add links to relevant sites, or even to YouTube videos for the content in question. Anything that provides proof for the content being correct is welcome.

Building an update

Submitting an update