This documentation is part of an effort to recreate the original World of Warcraft content from scratch while making sure each bit of content is valid for version 1.12.x; compatibility with the mangos-zero server, and our scripts is ensured.

Development process

In order to develop a database which everyone can enjoy, we have defined a few processes and rules for contributing to our project. If you intend to submit pull requests and/or patches, please familiarize yourself with these rules prior to submitting your contributions.

Database structure

This includes the structure for the character, realm list, world and script library databases.

  • Realm list database: the authentication and realm list server, where you configure users, available world servers, and also can ban abusive users, and IP addresses.
  • World server database: the world server’s content source. This is where creatures, objects, quests, items, etc. are defined.
  • Character database: the place where a player’s data for all characters are stored.
  • Script library database: the storage space the the script library. Holds texts, dialogues and waypoints for any scripted action.