“account_banned” table

The account_banned table holds information on all accounts which have been banned from logging in.

Table structure

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
id int(11) unsigned NO PRI NULL  
bandate bigint(40) NO PRI 0  
unbandate bigint(40) NO   0  
bannedby varchar(50) NO   NULL  
banreason varchar(255) NO   NULL  
active tinyint(4) NO   1  


Descriptions for each field with their meaning, usage and relations are available below.


The account of the user banned. This references the unique key of the account table.


The date on which the IP address has been banned.


The date on which the IP address will be unbanned. If not set, the IP address will be banned indefinitely.


The account name of the user who banned the IP address. This references the account tables username field.


A short comment describing the reason for the IP address ban.


Describes if a ban is currently active, or not.

  • 0: ban is inactive,
  • 1: ban is active