“account” table

The account table holds information on all accounts created.

Table structure

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
id int(11) unsigned NO PRI NULL auto_increment
username varchar(32) NO UNI    
sha_pass_hash varchar(40) NO      
gmlevel tinyint(3) unsigned NO MUL 0  
sessionkey longtext YES   NULL  
v longtext YES   NULL  
s longtext YES   NULL  
email text YES   NULL  
joindate timestamp NO   CURRENT_TIMESTAMP  
last_ip varchar(30) NO  
failed_logins int(11) unsigned NO   0  
locked tinyint(3) unsigned NO   0  
last_login timestamp NO   0000-00-00 00:00:00  
active_realm_id int(11) unsigned NO   0  
expansion tinyint(3) unsigned NO   0  
mutetime bigint(40) unsigned NO   0  
locale tinyint(3) unsigned NO   0  


Descriptions for each field with their meaning, usage and relations are available below.


The unique identifier for an account.


The unique username for an account.


This field contains the encrypted password. The encryption is SHA1 and is in the following format: username:password.

The SQL to create the password (or to compare with the current hash) is:

    SHA1(CONCAT(UPPER(`username`), ':', UPPER('password'))),
FROM `account`;


The access level for an account.

Valid values are:

  • 0: Player
  • 1: Moderator
  • 2: Gamemaster
  • 3: Administrator

Additionally an account level of 4 is available, but it only applies to access control within the world server console.








A well-formed, unique email address for the account.


The date when the account was created.


A valid IP address which was last used to connect to the realm list.


The amount of failed logins for this account. Monitoring this field may help spotting users who try to gain access to accounts which are not their own, or who have forgotten their passwords.


This is a boolean field, which will lock an account to the IP address recorded in the last_ip field when set to 1. If set to 0, a user may log in from any IP address and following logins with also update the last_ip field.


The date when the account was last logged in.


This references the realmlist tables unique ID of the realm server on which the account is currently active. This will allow the game client to connect to the realm the account was active on at the last login.


The field controls to which expansion’s content a user has access. By default this is set to 0, allowing access to vanilla WoW content. In mangos-zero, other values can be ignored, since there is no expansion.


The time, in Unix time, when the account will be unmuted. To see when mute will be expired you can use this query:

SELECT `username`, FROM_UNIXTIME(`mutetime`) FROM `account`;


The locale used by the client logged into this account. If multiple locale data has been configured and added to the world servers, the world servers will return the proper locale strings to the client.

  • 0: English
  • 1: Korean
  • 2: French
  • 3: German
  • 4: Chinese
  • 5: Taiwanese
  • 6: Spanish - Spain
  • 7: Spanish - Latin America