“realmlist” table

The realmlist table holds information on all registered world servers.

Table structure

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
id int(11) unsigned NO PRI NULL auto_increment
name varchar(32) NO UNI    
address varchar(32) NO  
port int(11) NO   8085  
icon tinyint(3) unsigned NO   0  
realmflags tinyint(3) unsigned NO   2  
timezone tinyint(3) unsigned NO   0  
allowedSecurityLevel tinyint(3) unsigned NO   0  
population float unsigned NO   0  
realmbuilds varchar(64) NO      


Descriptions for each field with their meaning, usage and relations are available below.


The unique identifier for a realm server.


The name to be displayed in the realm selection list.


A valid IP address at which the world server is accessible. This can be a private IP address, like, but also a public IP address if your world server is publicly accessible.

The realm list server will redirect connections after logging in and selecting a realm to this IP address.

Please note, that the IP address configured here has to match with the IP address you have configured in the world server configuration file.


A valid port number on which this realm server listens to connections.


The type of realm server.

Valid values are:

  • 0: Normal
  • 1: PvP
  • 6: RP
  • 8: RP PvP


Realm flags allow the users to highlight realms for certain situations.

  • 2: Marks the realm as offline
  • 4: Shows the realms supported version in realm list
  • 32: Highlight realm for new players
  • 64: Marks realm as recommended


The realm time-zone, it will be displayed in the tabs of the realm list.

Valid values are:

  • 1: United States (default)
  • 2: Korea
  • 3: English
  • 3: German
  • 3: French
  • 4: Taiwan
  • 5: China
  • 99: Test Server
  • 101: QA Server


The minimum account gmlevel required for accounts to log in to this realm. Changing this value will automatically update the visible in-game realm list, but the realm server must be restarted for it to take effect.


This field is automatically updated at regular intervals and will have the current population.

The formula to calculate the value in this field is:

\[playerCount / maxPlayerCount * 2\]

In the realm list in-game, the thresholds for low, medium and high population are 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 respectively.


Accepted Client version for the realm, in form of comma separated value.