“script_waypoints” table

The script_waypoints table holds waypoint definitions for escort quests.

Table structure

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
entry mediumint(8) unsigned NO PRI 0  
pointid mediumint(8) unsigned NO PRI 0  
location_x float NO   0  
location_y float NO   0  
location_z float NO   0  
waittime int(10) unsigned NO   0  
point_comment text YES   NULL  



This references the creature for which the waypoint script is meant to be executed and references the identifier in the creature_template table.


An index count for all waypoints attached to a script. Starts with 1 and increments by one.


The X position for the script’s waypoint.


The Y position for the script’s waypoint.


The Z position for the script’s waypoint.


If the creature should wait at the movement point, set this to the time in milliseconds. Otherwise set to zero for the creature to immediately proceed to the next movement point.


A common rules is to add comments to any waypoint where something special is happening. This means: do not comment every point, but comment those where an action is executed, e.g. a text emote, a quest completion is activated.