“battleground_events” table

The battleground_events table holds definitions of battleground events.

Table structure

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
map smallint(5) NO PRI NULL  
event1 tinyint(3) unsigned NO PRI NULL  
event2 tinyint(3) unsigned NO PRI NULL  
description varchar(255) NO   NULL  



A map identifier. The value has to match with a map identifier defined in Map.dbc.


The identifier for the event node in the battleground. Event nodes usually are defined in the battleground’s script.


The state of the event node. Node status is defined differently in every battleground script.


If you update battleground scripts and make changes to node status values ensure that you provide database update scripts which update the battleground events accordingly.


A description for the battleground event. This is only used for documentation purposes to help identifying events.