“creature_battleground” table

The creature_battleground table holds information on creatures spawns which are used in battlegrounds.

Table structure

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
guid int(10) unsigned NO PRI NULL  
event1 tinyint(3) unsigned NO   NULL  
event2 tinyint(3) unsigned NO   NULL  



This references the “creature” table tables unique guid for which the entry is valid.


The identifier for the event node in the battleground. Event nodes usually are defined in the battleground’s script.

Nodes are locations in a battleground where characters of each faction can perform actions, such as capturing a tower in Alterac Valley, or taking control over the stables in Arathi Basin.


The state of the event node. Node status is defined differently in every battleground script.

Node events can occur for every node and usually describe changes due to character interaction. E.g. if stables in Arathi Basin are taken over by Alliance, the stables note state would become Alliance controlled. Similar node states exist for every battleground note.


If you update battleground scripts and make changes to node status values ensure that you provide database update scripts which update the battleground events accordingly.