“npc_trainer_template” table

The npc_trainer_template table holds holds spell lists usable for multiple training creatures.

Table structure

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
entry mediumint(8) unsigned NO PRI 0  
spell mediumint(8) unsigned NO PRI 0  
spellcost int(10) unsigned NO   0  
reqskill smallint(5) unsigned NO   0  
reqskillvalue smallint(5) unsigned NO   0  
reqlevel tinyint(3) unsigned NO   0  



The unique identifier for the training template. A “creature_template” table references this from its trainer_id column.


The spell identifier. The value has to match with a spell identifier defined in Spell.dbc. This has to be a spell which teaches the actual spell.


The cost that the player needs to pay in order to learn the spell in copper.


The required skill to be able to learn the spell. This references the skill’s entry in the SkillLine.dbc table.


The minimum skill level required for the skill referenced in reqskill.


The character level required in order to learn the spell.