“playercreateinfo_action” table

The playercreateinfo_action table holds information on what default actions a new character should start out with. Each race-class combination can have a different default starting setup.

Table structure

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
race tinyint(3) unsigned NO PRI 0  
class tinyint(3) unsigned NO PRI 0  
button smallint(5) unsigned NO PRI 0  
action int(11) unsigned NO   0  
type smallint(5) unsigned NO   0  



A bit-mask corresponding to races that should get the spell. The value has to match with races defined in ChrRaces.dbc.


A bit-mask corresponding to class that should get the spell. The value has to match with classes defined in ChrClasses.dbc.


The ID of the button on the action bar where the action icon will be placed. Special bars are used for stances, auras, pets, stealth and other similar special modes.

button ID(s) Set key
1-11 1 (SHIFT + 1)
12-23 2 (SHIFT + 2)
24-35 3 (SHIFT + 3) h1. Right Side Bar
36-47 4 (SHIFT + 4) Right Side Bar 2
48-59 5 (SHIFT + 5) h1. Bottom Right Bar
60-71 6 (SHIFT + 6) Bottom Left Bar
72-83 1 SpecialA
84-95 1 SpecialB
96-107 1 SpecialC
108-119 1 SpecialD


Depending on the type value, this could reference either a spell identifier as defined in Spell.dbc, a reference to the unique identifier of an “item_template” table, or the identifier for a macro.


The following values are valid types:

ID Type
0 Spell
64 Macro
128 Item