“reference_loot_template” table

The reference_loot_template table holds definitions for item loot, which can be reference by other loot templates.

Reference loot is very helpful e.g. when adding tier items to loot.

Table structure

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
entry mediumint(8) unsigned NO PRI 0  
item mediumint(8) unsigned NO PRI 0  
ChanceOrQuestChance float NO   100  
groupid tinyint(3) unsigned NO   0  
mincountOrRef mediumint(9) NO   1  
maxcount tinyint(3) unsigned NO   1  
condition_id mediumint(8) unsigned NO   0  



The unique identifer for the reference loot template. This is referenced by any of the specific loot templates.


This references the “item_template” table tables unique ID for which the entry is valid.


This field determines if an item should drop by chance, or by the character looting having a quest. The meaning is determined by the fields signedness and the value of the mincountOrRef field’s value.

The following table shows possible combinations and their meanings.

ChanceOrQuestChance mincountOrRef Description
> 0 > 0 A simple percentage based drop chance.
< 0 > 0 A quest based drop chance.
> 0 < 0 A drop chance which has a chance to be used.


Setting ChanceOrQuestChance to 0 is only allowed for entries which are part of a loot group (aka. have a groupid set). Also note that non-zero values are subject to multiplication based on the drop rate configured in the world server configuration if they are not part of a loot group.


A group is a set of loot definitions processed in such a way that at any given looting event the loot generated can receive one (or none) item from the items declared in the loot definitions of the group.

Groups are formed by loot definitions having the same values of entry and groupid fields and having mincountOrRef set to a value greater than 0.


Depending on the value of the field it may either define the minimum number of copies for the item to be dropped, or it may reference another loot template.

  • positive values indicate that a minimum amount should be dropped,
  • negative values indicate a reference to another loot template.


This field may either designated the maximum number of items to drop from a loot template, or how many times a referenced loot template should be processed.

  • when mincountOrRef is positive, this indicates the maximum number of items to drop from the loot template,
  • when mincountOrRef is negative, this indicates how many times the loot template referenced in mincountOrRef should be processed.


This references the “conditions” table tables unique ID for which the entry is valid.