“spell_elixir” table

The spell_elixir table holds classifications for potion spells to prevent simultaneous use of potion in identical classes.


Technically the use of classifications does not make any sense for vanilla WoW, since these were introduced in WoW version 2.1. In vanilla WoW, potions would only be marked as flasks, which disallowed dispelling these in PvP situations.

In rare occasions spells for food can grant the buffs after eating for a specified time period. These spells are marked here, too.

Table structure

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
entry int(11) unsigned NO PRI 0  
mask tinyint(1) unsigned NO   0  



The spell identifier. The value has to match with a spell identifier defined in Spell.dbc. This is the spell cast by the potion use.


Defines what type of potion/food spell this is. The following table lists the available values.

Value Type
0 None
3 Flask
16 Food granting well fed buffs