The camera shakes table contains definitions for shaking the game camera when certain spells are cast.

Table structure

ID Name Type Default Description
1 ID Integer
Unique ID
2 shakeType Integer (signed) 0 See below.
3 direction Integer (signed) 0 See below.
4 amplitude Float 0 TODO
5 frequency Float 0 TODO
6 duration Float 0 TODO
7 phase Float 0 TODO
8 coefficient Float 0 TODO



It is assumed that this flag describes either different variants of camera shaking, or that it is a boolean flag telling if the camera should be shaken.

  • 0: TODO,
  • 1: TODO.


This flag seems to indicate the direction towards which a camera shake will point.

  • 0: TODO,
  • 1: TODO,
  • 2: TODO.