The character races table contains definitions for available races, including their settings for sound, display, data files, etc.

Table structure

ID Name Type Default Description
1 ID Integer
Unique ID
2 flags Integer (signed) 0 See below.
3 faction Integer 0 References the faction template to which the race belongs.
4 explorationSound Integer 0 References the sound to play upon zone exploration.
5 maleDisplay Integer 0 References the male model for the race.
6 femaleDisplay Integer 0 References the female model for the race.
7 clientPrefix String
A short form of the name. Used for helmet models.
8 speed Float 1 Speed modifier.
9 baseLanguage Integer
See below.
10 creatureType Integer 0 References the creature type for the race. Surprisingly this is set to 7 for all races, meaning each is humanoid.
11 loginEffect Integer 0 References the spell to cast upon logging in.
12 field12 Integer (signed) 1604 TODO. Set to 1604 for all races.
13 resSicknessSpell Integer 0 Resurrection sickness spell to cast upon resurrection from spirit healer.
14 splashSoundEntry Integer 0 Splash sound to be used for this race.
15 field15 Integer 0 TODO. May be float modifier.
16 clientFileString String
String used in model file paths.
17 cinematicSequence Integer 0 The cinematic sequence to play upon logging in the first time after character creation.
18 name String (localized)
The name of the race.
19 facialHairCustomization1 String
Customization name as used in-game for Lua scripting.
20 facialHairCustomization2 String
Customization name as used in-game for Lua scripting.
21 hairCustomization String
Customization name as used in-game for Lua scripting.



  • 0: NONE,
  • 2: bare feet,
  • 4: TODO,
  • 8: TODO.


  • 1: Horde,
  • 7: Alliance.