The looking for dungeon group table contains definitions for areas in which characters can group up via in-game LFG.

Table structure

ID Name Type Default Description
1 ID Integer
Unique ID
2 name String (localized)
The name of the area.
3 hardLevelMin Integer 0 Minimum level required to group for this area.
4 hardLevelMax Integer 0 Maximum level allowed to group for this area.
5 instanceType Integer (signed) 0 See below.
6 faction Integer (signed) 0 See below.



  • 1: group instance,
  • 2: raid group instance,
  • 4: world zone,
  • 5: battleground.


Only zones listed as group instance could be accessed via meeting stones or innkeepers for the Looking For Group feature.


  • -1: faction independent,
  • 0: Horde faction,
  • 1: Alliance faction.