The taxi path node table contains definitions for every point along a flight path.

Table structure

ID Name Type Default Description
1 ID Integer
Unique ID
2 taxiPath Integer 0 Path that these coordinates are on.
3 nodeIndex Integer (signed) 0 The point number along the path.
4 map Integer 0 Map that the coordinates are on.
5 locationX Float 0 X coordinate
6 locationY Float 0 Y coordinate
7 locationZ Float 0 Z coordinate
8 flags Integer (signed) 0 Rarely used, may be related to boats / trams / Zeppelins
9 delay Integer (signed) 0 Delay in seconds before moving to next point (used on boats / trams / Zeppelins)


  • taxiPath references the primary key of TaxiPath.dbc.
  • map references the primary key of Map.dbc.