The vocal UI sounds table contains definitions for UI error sounds for all the different races and genders.

Table structure

ID Name Type Default Description
1 ID Integer
Unique ID
2 vocalUIEnum Integer (signed) 0 TODO
3 race Integer 0 The race.
4 normalMaleSoundEntry Integer (signed) 0 Male sound.
5 normalFemaleSoundEntry Integer (signed) 0 Female sound.
6 pissedMaleSoundEntry Integer (signed) 0 Male sound.
7 pissedFemaleSoundEntry Integer (signed) 0 Female sound.


  • race references the primary key of ChrRaces.dbc.
  • normalMaleSoundEntry, normalFemaleSoundEntry, pissedMaleSoundEntry and pissedFemaleSoundEntry reference the primary key of SoundEntries.dbc.