The world map object area table contains definitions for connecting areas to the actual models.

Table structure

ID Name Type Default Description
1 ID Integer
Unique ID
2 wmoID Integer 0 The ID from a WMO files’ header chunk.
3 nameSetID Integer 0 TODO
4 wmoGroupID Integer (signed) 0 Referenced from a WMO group files chunk.
5 soundProviderPreferences Integer (signed) 0 TODO
6 soundProviderPreferencesUnderwater Integer (signed) 0 TODO
7 soundAmbience Integer (signed) 0 TODO
8 zoneMusic Integer (signed) 0 TODO
9 zoneIntroMusicTable Integer (signed) 0 TODO
10 flags Integer 0 Flags seem to be related to outdoor state.
11 areaTable Integer 0 The area related to this object entry. If 0 the underlying terrain is queried for its’ Id.
12 name String (localized) NULL The name of the area. If NULL, AreaTable.dbc is queried for the name.